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January 10, 2009



Oh, is there ANOTHER snowstorm predicted? I hadn't heard! But let me tell you how i feel about it...:)


Mark has in iPhone app called 'Enjoy Sudoku' which he says comes with difficulty settings, the hardest ones he reckons are trickier than the most difficult in my sudoku book.
It comes with a tutorial and hints if you get stuck and the hints provide links to Wikipedia pages to provide explanations of the kids of tactics you should use.



LOVED the Chris Kelly piece, my daughter and i both howled over the Laura Ingalls-esque twitters (having been raised on that show, and also watched it in college--it came on right after the more sordid "General Hospital", which always made my dormmates nad i feel a little dirty, so we called Little House "Moral of the Day" and then could go on to Happy Hour feeling cleansed of Luke and Laura in favor of Pa and Half Pint), and all of my kids watched the Onion piece several times to try and catch the "Ardvaark admonishes unemplyed actors" and other predictive sentences. Great way to spend a sunday morning while the snow slowly drifts to an end.

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