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January 07, 2009



LOL, yes, that ringing phone will do a number on your blood pressure. Take it from a former substitute teacher! I believe that freezing rain comes down as rain & freezes once it hits the ground. Sleet comes down already frozen. Or something like that!


i would like someone to find the correlation between the following:

ANOTHER day where school is cancelled (out here in metrowest land), and;

Having THREE teenagers in the house lounging around in their pjs, eating mass quantities of food and leaving their debris in piles throughout the house, but mainly in front of the TV where they watch endless episodes of The Simpsons, and;

the corresponding blood pressure, patience quotient, and wine sales to the mothers of said children described above.

And no, I will not be appreciating this in JULY, when my kids are still in school making up for another snow/ice/but now it's just slush and they could have gone to school day.


You could have added just one more line to your update: Basically, Elena was right! =D


I just found this blog while searching on "exchange policy at J jill & came upon your rant :) which I read along with all the comments. I really enjoyed it ( especially the bit from the reader who pointed out that you were so fortunate to be able to wear clothes AND eat)and oh, I see it was put up in 2005 but there was an comment from today. Good work!

Anyway, I bookmarked your site, I like it, & wanted to just mention a point on this snow thing. I moved to Santa Fe from NH this year & snow here is different. It's dry, freezes on the road faster, and never turns to slush. Now isn't that interesting? Not!

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