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January 21, 2009



Would those people think that if the Rabbi f-ed up our wedding vows, then I'm not really married? That would be kind of cool. But I guess I wouldn't be qualified for alimony. Never mind.


I'm still mad at Roberts for stealing that moment from us.


What difference does it make? Obama isn't even a natural born citizen of the United States!

Kidding! But there are people who aren't.


It's my understanding that he became president at noon on Wednesday, regardless of whether he took an oath at all. It's not rabid rulefollowers who questioned the legitimacy of Obama's status, it's whackjobs. The transposition of a word does not an election unmake. But I guess it's good that he just did a do-over, to shut the eejits up.


I was listening to the Constitutional Law experts on Talk of the Nation, and apparently it's not as straightforward as that. Article II says that he became president at the stroke of noon, but Amendment 20 says that he has to be sworn in -- and actually say those 35 words, which are in quotation marks in the Constitution -- to become president. So, all agreed that it would be prudent to just go ahead and do it again. Plus there was the added bonus of making sure everyone knew John Roberts made a huge gaffe.


The republicans where I work are utterly convinced that it was Obama who made the gaffe. I sense they will seize any opportunity to polarize. Sigh.

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