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January 27, 2009



Hey, speaking of games, I thought this was a pretty interesting article.



I didn't recognize any of those commercials except the bean game. Probably because I started college in 1970 and wasn't paying attention. Notice how Play-Doh made it clear cooking molds were "for girls" and transportation molds were "for boy". :-)


Ooh, Little Kiddles perfumes. I spent hours playing with them! I can still smell the "Sweet Pea" scent.


Oh man, that is so funny. We had several of those, and I remember wanting an Ice Bird really badly.


I took to Youtube to show Leah the old "Game of Life" commercial because we still play it, and every time we do the entire jingle goes through my head:

You will learn about life when you play The Game of Life! First you start out with 2,000 and a car...

Kid: I got a car!

You've got a car... Then you may go straight to college, just to get a lot of knowledge...

Brainy kid: "Hah-vud" etc.

Only recently did I realize what the brainy kid was saying! Maybe the marketers figured that thanks to JFK, even midwestern children would get the Boston accent!

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