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January 20, 2009



You'd think we had been held hostage or something!


Elena...We were!


I wept, too. Lots. I have been seething since 2000 -- a long time to have bitterness of heart. I know that things can only get better, but oy! What a row to hoe that man has inherited from the Shrub. And I agree with Liz -- we've been hostages for years.


My group cried when he took office, and clapped when Bush got on the helicopter! Also funny, when the audience was asked to stand, we stood up too!

Nancy Friedman

The group I was watching with cheered loudest at the announcement that change.gov had just redirected to whitehouse.gov. Yeah, I'm in the Bay Area. Why do you ask?


Karen, you are one of those very few people who look adorable while crying! :o)



There is no way your 25th college reunion is coming up anytime soon. You look really young. Did you start college when you were 10 or something? Maybe having Obama as president is like having Botox!


That's how I looked when I saw my kids on TV (I actually thought of this photo)! Only I'm not as cute when I cry.


Also, I cried during the inaugural. Being around my coworkers at the time made it a little embarrassing, but I couldn't help it! I still tear up sometimes, and it's been days now.

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