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February 09, 2009



I like to use the full-serve station in our town when the weather is really, really cold (and I can't get my husband to get the car filled). The price isn't any higher than at the other stations. Very luxurious.


Is "full-serve station" another Massachusetts phenomenon like package stores? I don't think I've seen an attendant pumping gas in California in 20 years. I'm told that if you have a disabled sticker you're entitled to help at the pump, but I've never personally witnessed such a thing.


Uhm, shouldn't your email alert be December (if Feb 2010, wouldn't you be late again?):o)

I remember the days of full service gas stations. They even checked the oil and tire pressure and washed the windshield. (We're talking ages ago...) In Washington, I don't believe there are any full service stations anymore. And then in Oregon, that's ALL there is because they want to keep more people employed. My friend from Oregon has a tough time up here when she comes to visit because she doesn't know how to pump gas!


I think that New Jersey is another one of those full-service-only states.


Tonya, here in Mass., your inspection sticker expires exactly 1 year from when you get it, so mine will expire next February. I used to have a summer date, but I keep missing a month (or two) each year, and now it's winter!


What I don't understand is why I need to get one sticker in my windshield every year, and another one on my license plate every 2 years. What if we just had one sticker, and you just paid the combined amount? Seems like the state could save a lot on mail and processing fees.

Last time I was in NJ it was illegal to pump your own gas. In MA I think it is just harder to get a permit for a self-serve station for some reason.


I guess they only have full serve stations in the North. None here. I drive such short distances that I probably only fill my tank every 2-3 weeks. Inevitably that light goes on when I'm driving carpool in the morning wearing my pajamas. And yes, I have filled up at a self-serve station wearing my jammies...they are so cute with the floppy-eared dogs and stars on them.


Wow! You have inspections there every year? And they still have FULL service stations out there??? I have not seen one of those since I was a kid and I'm 44! What's iCal? It is like you are on another planet entirely from me :)

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