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February 01, 2009



We've had those times too-but I have a bit of an advantage since my husband is a carpenter, former electronics technician and has done plumbing remodels. (hates them, but he knows what to do)He's quite handy to have around. However, he doesn't work on dishwashers or refrigerators.


Oy. I kept waiting for the "priceless" punchline, but I guess not.

I hope this is the last of your troubles. :)


The door handle broke off our microwave and one of my sliding shower doors came off its moorings. Hope that makes you feel a little better!


Yikes! That's more than half my monthly income! I'm so tired of being one of America's poor. This is so NOT what I had hoped for my life. Wish I owned a home and had a husband to help share the expenses. Or at least a really good job. I'm an unemployed Administrative Assistant. Anyone know anyone who is hiring in Chicago or St. Louis?

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