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February 22, 2009



Not that it's a competition (don't worry, don't worry, you're still lame) I only saw three (count 'em!) of the nominated...pictures. (I love the old-timey sound of pictures; I'm glad you pointed it out!) We saw "Doubt" and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" together, and I slipped out alone once to see "The Visitor." (Richard Jenkins was masterful.)

Like you, we used to be regulars at West Newton Cinema, Kendall Square, Coolidge Corner, even The Brattle. Unlike you, I can't get used to watching a movie on the TV. I fall asleep, for some reason.

I don't regret a bit having the kids, but I do miss the movies. A lot.



My dad used to own movie theatres, so we had passes to all the theatres in this area: Showcase, W. Newton, Loew's, Regal, and others that have since been bought and sold and operate under different names.

As a result, Doug and I used to go to EVERY nominated movie, sometimes multiple times! Even when Kate was little, we would get a babysitter and go. As more kids came along and they got bigger, our movie-going declined (both in quantity and in quality). Now they are teens and we are mostly home on weekends, waiting for them to get home (and also not leaving an empty house for them to bring friends to). If we watch a movie on tv, i'm usually good for the first hour, then off to sleep and drooling on the couch.

This year we saw Slumdog, Dark Knight, The Visitor, I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona at a matinee with a friend, and we all saw Wall E.

I would still love to see Milk, Doubt, The Reader, not sure about The Wrestler but I'm mildly intrigued, Frozen River...but even as I type that list, I know I'll see one of them and watch the rest here, with a strong cup of tea to keep me awake.

Maybe when the kids are gone, we'll go back to seeing movies--i certainly hope so!


Apropos of virtually nothing: I picked up KF Panda for $10 @ Target today. Just in case you ever wanted it for the home library...

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