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February 10, 2009



Ireland is brimming with Obamamania too... there are pictures of him on buses, rubbish bins, t-shirts, and about 90% of local radio ads seem to reference him! Our poor politicians are constantly compared to him and, needless to say, they look a sorry lot in comparison :)

Your iPhone may be on AT&T time and your Mac set by the Apple server. That's how my phone and Mac work.

My best news source is also NPR. There are a lot of NPR fans in Europe!


I thought the same exact thing about the press conference the other night. An A-Rod question? The Wall Street Journal. But I'm biased. My husband is a news editor there. :)


1. Agreed on all counts.

2. Your iPhone is on the AT&T network, your MAC likely isn't.

3. NPR - for sure.

4. I never win anything!

5. That's so funny you mention paper crafts. I was just reading about how to make a magazine bowl.



God, poor Michael Phelps. As if his gig as King of Atlantis weren't taxing enough, he can't even smoke one little doobie in peace. And I'm not sure that pot is worse for me than Frosted Flakes, either. It ain't news.


Hey, I've not been on your site for a few weeks so I'm catching up. Really craving some duck right now! Seems I always end up hungry when reading your blog. I'm writing because I can't believe anyone wins things in online sweepstakes! Which ones are you entering? I found that filling out anything online just resulted in multi-tons of spam, so I very quickly stopped that practice.


Hmmm. Don't now why that posted twice. Weirdness. Which by the way does not fit the i before e rule, and that always throws me off!


It sometimes happens, but don't worry - I deleted one! I am all-powerful!

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