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February 22, 2009



Wow, Minado sounds absolutely wonderful — my son and I especially love Japanese food (and sushi!). In fact, he's 1/4 Japanese with a Japanese grandmother so he's grown up with the wonders of that food. (And sushi!) Wish they had one of those around here. We do have a favorite sushi bar we order from now and then. There are some Chinese buffets, but I've not been very impressed with them. And of course, "Old Country Buffet" with all the comfort foods you can waddle away with. The best buffets tend to be the Indian casinos with their nummy seafood buffets at a pretty moderate price. I AM SO HUNGRY.


That does sound like a fabulous place. I would love to try all those dishes! Eating together for us was always tricky too because of Alison's gymnastics schedule and Ashley being vegan. I think buffets aren't common for several reasons--making a profit given the American habit of extreme overindulgence, keeping the food fresh and not tampered with(touched by dirty hands, etc...) Parents and employees have to be extremely vigilant with little kids around, since some will stick their fingers in anything. I've seen it happen at Old country buffet!


Buffets/smorgasbords were always my family's first choice when I was growing up, and I'm still a pushover for displays of over-the-top abundance and variety. In my parents' later years, when they were still well enough to go out, we'd occasionally go to Soup Plantation*--the chain you remember?--and gorge ourselves for about $10 each...less with the senior discount.

*It's called Sweet Tomatoes in Northern California.


Buffets are VERY common around here in the south- chinese, pizza, salad and good old country buffets with meats and veggies - although I don't know of any japanese ones - that one in Natick sounds great - might have to try it when I am home this summer (my parents aren't too far from Natick).


We still have lots of buffets here in Las Vegas but I rarely go to any on the strip. The local casino has a nice brunch buffet that we get 2 for 1 coupons for. I love the custom made omelets.


Now I'm STARVING! lol Seriously, $20 for lunch??? For one person? I'd have to stay in there all day and eat three meals with breaks in between to justify spending that much on myself at one place! Yikes!


Yes, this was definitely a special treat! We rarely go out to eat these days, so I didn't mind splurging.

Emily P

Making another pitch for Minado, the sushi is FABULOUS, and really fresh. My first response when a friend described it to me was 'eeew - sushi sitting there growing god-knows-what at a buffet?!?' But they don't make huge amounts of the sushi at one time, so it's constantly being refreshed. And considering how much you can spend at a sushi restaurant, $20 is actually quite reasonable. Anytime you want to go there again karen, do let me know...


It's pricey, but maybe your kids would agree on a visit to the chocolate buffet at the Langham Hotel. The menu changes each year, but this year you'll find chocolate bread pudding (the favorite at our table), whoopie pies, crepes, creme brulee, cookies, brownies, cheese cake, truffles and the list goes on. Yum.

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