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February 17, 2009


Green-Eyed Siren

I'm so glad she's OK. Our 4 year-old son broke his arm last summer, and watching him go into and come out of the anesthesia (so they could set the break) was excruciating. Best wishes for a fast recovery.


Wow, I hope everything went well!


So glad everything went well, Karen. My two youngest were both under anesthesia at the same time two years ago for minor dental procedures but I really thought I would go crazy with worry. The thing that kept me from losing my mind was seeing all of the young children at the children's hospital who had lost their hair from treatment or who were there for really serious procedures and how well their parents were seemingly handling things. It gave me a lot to be thankful for.


I'm so glad everything went well and this is now behind all of you! I first learned of Child Life Specialists a few years ago when I volunteered at Yale. It's so important to have your child treated in a place where the staff knows how to talk to and deal specifically with children.


What a trouper! (I need to get myself "trouped up" for likely the same procedure...not looking one bit forward to it, though!)


Joanne: When Steph was first diagnosed and hospitalized for a few days (back in 2003), that is exactly what I remember too: Seeing a young girl walk by with a big smile and no hair, pulling her IV along with her. Snapped everything right into perspective for me.


A good Child Life Specialist is pure gold. Glad you had one to help you & Steph through the procedure... and glad for both of you that it's over.


not sure if you were at Children's, but their Child Life specialist program is one of the best. My sister did an internship at Children's in the early 1990's in the child life specialist dept (although she ended up teaching instead). Glad all went well.


I'm really glad she did well. It's odd, but kids are often so much tougher than us adults with our worries and anxieties. Maybe they ought to provide Parent Life Specialists to help with the stress! :)


Steph is far braver than I am, even when getting blood drawn. But, by the same token, I know that she takes her cues from me and Andy, and we try never to let her see us expressing anxiety about her health or about "what's going to happen." The nurses even commended us on that, while Steph was still asleep.

Parent Life Specialist = Bartender ;-)


I remember the child life counselor from when Haley got bit, OK MAULED, by a dog and had to have extensive stitches in her leg.

I think Haley would have endured another dog bite/maul just for the chance to hang around the child life counselor again!

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