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February 05, 2009



Sadly anonymity can bring out the worst in people. Your blog is very entertaining and NEVER rude or mean. You give praise where's it's due and even when you criticise it never comes across as anything more than (legitimate) venting of frustration. The people who take the time to make negative comments are wasting energy that could easily be used for something productive. Like writing a great blog like this. Keep up the good work!




I am 100% behind you! How is it mean to express your displeasure when what you were promised was not delivered...on time or in full.

I love my pharmacy (Kerr Drug) because they have a drive-thru and I know two of the pharmacists and most importantly (did I mention the drive-thru?) I don't have to get out of my car so I can pick up prescriptions in my pajamas!

I have often said....and I'll say it again...the world would be a better place if every business patterned its customer service after Apple and Starbucks!


I will never understand why people troll the internet to make snide and mean remarks. On the other hand, it just means you're getting popular. I liked your calm and reasoned responses but I doubt those people are really interested in a reasoned discussion - they just want to stir stuff up.


I wonder if "derrick," "bill" and "jim" are the same person in your Walgreens comments. You could always check your stats.

Anyway ... don't sweat the stupid people.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


I have also found, sadly, that the Internet can bring out the lowest common denominator. How about people who post nasty comments on a newspaper article about a bunch of high school students in a marching band, or about a tragic car accident?? Some people have way too much time on their hands and way too little brains.


Yes, people can be really mean and cruel for no good reason. I was on the blog of a local tv station here today commenting on the whole digital tv "push back". People were actually BLAMING the poor for the "annoying commercials" they were having to put up with and how they didn't want to put up them all the way til June. Boo hoo. This pissed me off, so I made a few comments. All educated and calm and no name calling. Well, I got called a clown, stupid and that I "get what I deserve for living beyond my means for the past 20 years" because he assumed I pay $20 or more a month for my internet service. All this without knowing anything about me or my circumstances or how I got to where I am in regard to my finances and employment situation. What a jerk! He said he was a "sports agent". Figures.


I find your blog thoughtful and interesting; your personality and opinions shine through in your writing because it's YOUR blog and your forum. Keep it up, Karen!!


There have always been nasty people on the internets — I recall many years ago when all there really was were "bulletin boards" on Prodigy. It was called "flaming" and it was rampant. I see it ratcheting up these days, especially with all the comments allowed now on news sites. I'll never understand that mentality to knock people down and call them names. I doubt they'd have the guts to do it face-to-face.


I used to have a blog and once made the mistake of stating a negative opinion about another blog. Boy did the nasties come out on that one (I still stick by the observation I made).

I know you to be thoughtful and conscientious, so I'm sure those negative comments bug the hell out of you.

I also know you to be thick-skinned and confident enough to know that the soulless cretins who feel the need to attack other people for stating an opinion (in this case, an opinion based on experience) are sad reactionists who probably spend a lot of time masturbating to Rush Limbaugh.

Oops. Did I say that?


Just found you from twitter (the blissdom tweets) and will be following your blog now too - love your humour!

I also loved how the person who called you "stupid" made a grammar error in the very same sentence. Tee Hee!


I go out of my way to occasionally say controversial things on my blog and I therefore expect people to get riled up in the comments. I don't think I've ever deleted any comments, though (excepting spam). YMMV.

You know what occurs to me, though? I wonder if these commenters aren't just random bitter people surfing in from an AOL page. I wonder if they might not be a more concerted effort to defend Walgreens. And if not acting in concert per se, perhaps there are a large group of people actively looking for Walgreens bashers because of some political issue. Like maybe Walgreens pharmacists want to refuse people birth control and religious zealots are knocking anyone who says anything bad about them.

But I'm probably being paranoid on your behalf.

Green-Eyed Siren

This is my first visit to your site, via 3Rs. Just wanted to say that I think you should not hesitate for a single second to delete comments that aren't thoughtful or polite in their dissent. You have every right to edit the discourse that takes place on your own blog, because it's your home; it's OK to say you'd like for it to remain a pleasant place. Would that YouTube had some kind of politeness policy, or at least a pre-comment intelligence test...

Verbally Abused Girl

I know this article has been here for awhile, but I seriously need a place to vent.

I know how it feels to get knocked down by some total stranger, and it hurts, whether they know it not! It's only been recently (like 20 minutes ago) that I have been yelled by people in a forum concerning breakdancing. I've joined this community because there aren't many other individuals who share a common interest like mine, and it is a wonderful site, disregarding those certain people. What concerns me most is that they know that I am only a minor (15) and yet they post up nasty comments about my curious topics...

I like this article.


I think they think they can get away with it because for one thing, they won't get their asses kicked.

I wish there were cyber ass kickings literally.

Currently my son is fighting for his life with Luekemia in OSHU hospital in Oregon. I went there to post because a few nice people who cared told me I should and because they would always be there to listen. Well, these "supported" people seem to have disappeared and a couple incredibly cruel people have just said the meanest most insensitive things to me such as "This message board isn't about YOU..go find a support group somewhere else".

I was just floored how somebody could say something like that to someone whose child is fighting cancer. I showed the posts to my sons nurse and she was appalled.

I was so upset I even told Scatattack (the fucking cunt) that I hoped one day HER child got cancer and she was faced with mean people like HERSELF. No, I shouldn't have said that, but my god, I am NOT myself right now. I'm desperate for my sons life and just CANNOT deal with insensitive people.

Please give Scat Attack and Normal Norbert at the statesman journal forums a cyber-ass kicking for me.



I remember you from the SJ. You were way out of line. I hope things have improved fo r you, but you really need to get a handle on those emotions and nasty comments.

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