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February 08, 2009



The first machine sounds pretty cool - don't recall seeing anything like that in a restaurant before. The second sounds like a chip-and-PIN machine. They're pretty much standard in restaurants in the UK - supposed to help combat credit card fraud.


Kind of like the Apple store!

I find it really annoying when waiters don't write down your order...and then end up screwing it up. I feel like telling them, "Look, I want my food and I want it right much more than I care whether or not you can memorize each order at the table."


Chip and PIN is the very near future for the United States. As Kristy said, they are standard in the UK. In fact, most of Europe has adopted similar systems based on a standard established by a couple of credit card companies.

France has cut credit card fraud by 80% using their EMV system!


And wasn't Chilean sea bass formerly known as Patagonian toothfish? Yuck! Thanks for the heads-up on the new restaurant devices. They haven't made it to Alabama yet, but I'll tell my husband that we need to go out more and find them -- for research purposes, of course!


I love Legal's! I can hardly wait!


One of my top five all time bars is the Local in Minneapolis. Is there a Local nearby now?


Again, totally different planet. Jersey sounds really nice. And modern. You are in Jersey, right?


Nope, Boston!

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