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February 28, 2009



Wow, didn't expect to see you in here tonight. Just stopped by because I thought I remembered you mentioning a website that I wanted to look up (something about the simple life?) and I thought I could find the blog where I thought I had seen it. (Not even sure now if it was you who mentioned it). So sorry to hear your weekend isn't going well, and I hope Pete is feeling better. Everyone's kids are sick. Yours in Boston, two of a friend's in Chicago, and one that I know of here in the St. Louis area. Funny how they are all passing that around at the same time all over the country. I have never skied (sp?) before, but I imagine it ain't fun on ice! How fun though, taking weekend trips to the "mountain". Sounds just like the fairytale New England life I had always hoped for!


So, what cat food are you feeding your babies? I was feeding my girls IAMS for forever, then I learned some bad things about dog experiments that IAMS was privy to and it upset me. In the meantime I accidentally learned that most cat foods have all this corn and wheat and gluten that is supposed to be bad for my kitties, so I started searching. I was in Petco for hours one night trying to decide on a new brand, then caved in and just bought some Science Diet which actually has more gluten than IAMS. Last month I bought some Wellness. Now my kitty that used to be fat is suddenly skin and bones. So I'm worried. But they are all begging for treats, so I think just hate healthy food, just like their mommy. Yesterday I bought a small bag of Blue Spa Select. But it has "meal" in it which I also read is bad. So, which food are you using? I'm trying to find the best stuff I can afford. I'm trying to eat healthier, and I'd like my cats to eat healthier, too. But I don't think Marsha is on board with this plan.


Oh...bummer! I remember a few of those occasions when Nate was a young 'un. In the scheme of things I know it's part of parenting and you just deal with it. But while it's happening, it really is a bummer to have a weekend ruined. (I'm sure Pete feels that way!) And very glad HE'S feeling better! (I can't imagine that there will BE a weekend that goes by for Octo-Mom where at least one of her 14 children isn't sick...) (But we're not going there, are we?)


We packed the whole family up last week and went to Lake Placid where it was warm, rainy and muddy so no sledding, skating or skiing. When we left Saturday morning it was 5 degrees, snowing and now that we're back in NJ it's snowing and we're supposed to get 12 inches tonight. No puking, but one case of strep for my 7 year old.


Sorry to hear about how your weekend was unfolding.

Three big fears of mine about being away from home: vomiting in an unfamiliar place, dealing with my kids vomiting in an unfamiliar place, and staying in a room where the previous occupants were vomiting.

All around, vomiting figures into my tendency to be a homebody.


OOh, ouch, not a good weekend away...Hope you are feeling better.


Oh man. So sorry. Hope you can get some rest for yourself.

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