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February 03, 2009



OMG! What a dramatic diagnosis! Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks! I forgot to mention that I also have that "run over by a truck" feeling. I am currently huddled on the couch under a blanket with my MacBook Pro. :-(


Wow! Kind of scary. Glad you had a dermatologist already picked out. Sounds like a decent doctor, even if he is only 11, lol. I feel much like a hypochondriac most of the time, so I totally understand what you said about wishing you were married to one of those doctors. I have so many ailments that are "undiagnosed" and some that I've had checked out and all have been assessed as "normal". So if everything is normal, why do I feel so crappy? Sorry you are feeling like you've been run over by a truck, Karen. Hope you are better soon.


Oy! Don't the health problems get more frequent and grosser as we get older! I have a good neighborhood friend who is a pharmacist, and that is a pretty good resource to have around. But I think there should be a requirement in each neighborhood to have an OB/gyn and a pediatrician living there and available for all of our questions!


In addition to doctors living in-house, I would also like a hairdresser.


Oh Karen, i'm so sorry. Shingles is SOOO painful; my husband and BIL both had them and they were quite un-stoic-like as a result. Hope the valtrex helps and you're better soon.

I can come over and hypnotize you to help with the pain if you want...


That is "ick." Hope it goes away soon.


"not that kind of herpes..."

Yeah, I laughed.


I would totally take advantage and continue on the couch for at least a couple more days. Sorry you have the ick. Weird how a virus can live in your body all this time and attack you again, no?


Hi Karen -
Sorry to hear about this, but beyond sympathy I am writing to underline the importance of being careful if it gets near your eye. My wife has attacks of this particular kind of yuck once in a while (been going on for years and I don't get it, in case you're wondering how contagious it is) and once she had a big outbreak on the face nearing the eyelids. Our derm (a great guy) made her go see our ophthalmologist (a wonderful woman) RIGHT AWAY because turns out in about one out of a gazillion cases (don't panic, it's rare) the virus can get in the eyeball and that's a real disaster. It won't blind you or cause permanent damage but it's apparently spectacularly painful and takes forever to heal. Like the better part of a year.

So keep an eye on those eyes. And "bon courage", as the you-know-who say.


Thank you. I just called my ophthalmologist and he's going to squeeze me in tomorrow. Better safe than sorry when it comes to eyes.


Lol! Glad you didn't read that blog comment at 2AM.


I don't know could this to reassure you



Hey Karen, you sound like a troubled individual. Maybe you should get a real job and know how the real world responds to your idiosyncracies...........


Hi Derrick or Scott or whatever your name is (Hint: If you use a phony name, you should change your email address!), I'm not at all troubled. I don't waste my time writing nasty comments on other people's blogs. And, for the record, I have 2 real jobs. So please go away and bother someone else. Or whatever it is you do in real life.

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