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March 22, 2009


Don Nunn

Before I read the bread-bowls link, I was thinking of the round sourdough loaves where they saw out a plug and fill with clam chowder or the like. Definitely soggy after a while. But those formed bread bowls seem like a really cool idea indeed, and such simple execution too.

Except I don’t have enough ramekins. ;-)


Meatloaf: I just dice some yellow onion, throw in an egg, a cup of milk, generous shakes of soy sauce, bread crumbs or shredded slices, and then top it with mustard, worcestershire and whatever, then bake it for 60-90 at 450 so the onions aren't crunchy. Works every time.


Based on your past recipe/menu postings, I would imagine that your family has developed rather sophisticated palates.

Now for me, the inclusion of ketchup and bacon pretty much ensures that I'll like a recipe.


The best part of any meatloaf is having cold sandwiches the next day. But I can't interest either of my kids in that!



I love Solea, it's fun to go to with a group of people and order a lot of little tapas, and then go to a movie at Landmark Embassy Theatres!


Too many recipes, too little time! I have the book that the bread bowls came from and I have never even used it!!! I need to remedy that...


The meatloaf reminds me of the bacon hamburgers we once got at a local butcher. Great idea; not-so-great burgers. :( I rather doubt you'd even like them, Karen. Just give me plain 'ol bacon slices on my burgers from now on.

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