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March 09, 2009



I learned about the decrease in infant mortality, from a shocking 200,000+ to 128,000 (still so high) in five years, thanks to the tetanus vaccine. Thanks for supporting this great cause!


Maybe you should send the coupons to Nadya Suleman! :)

Liz Jaramillo

I learned that, unlike the moms in these countries I do not have to think about these horrible diseases every day of my life and wonder how long my children will survive. It really puts things in perspective and makes me feel very fortunate. This month, I have started working with a charity that is helping homeless families and trying to encourage others to appreciate what the have and pay it forward :)


It is amazing that the vaccine costs only seven cents. Think how little it would cost to vaccinate everyone.


I'm so pleased to see a company like Procter & Gamble working to end this curable disease. It is so sad to bring a baby into this world only to see it die before it even has a chance to live. I didn't know that so many moms, 300,000 approximately, also lose their lives from MNT. Thank you for talking about this important health issue on your blog!

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