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March 29, 2009



See? I am here reading this.


I have a gift certificate for Cheesecake Factory for $5. Now what will that buy me at the Cheesecake Factory? I don't frequent the Cheesecake Factory. Maybe I should just put it up on my blog and see who wants it. It would be worth the $.42 stamp just to get it out of my wallet and into the hands of someone who would actually use it.



We have a cheesecake factory here and could use it for lunch, along with twenty other dollars. Another reason to Please Come to Boston for The Springtime...oh wait, it's 41 and raining. There IS no spring.

Karen, do you have a Not Your Average Joe's near you? My new fave.


Every time you type O'Hara's, I start drooling uncontrollably.

Think I'm gonna have to head over there this week...


I've been to Paddy's several times for lunch with my friend LeAnne. Very good, although not too much selection for non-meat eaters (I usually go for the tuna melt). Now I'm getting hungry!

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