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March 07, 2009



Oh, my, anything with oats and chocolate is my downfall. The photo with the cookie and smeared chocolate makes my mouth water!

Rachel Kagno

Those look awesome! I gotta try those (although our temple is conservative and will NOT allow any food item to be assembled at home for fear that it isn't kosher!) But I can always make these at home for the kids...thanks Karen...and Auntie Phyllis!


I grew up in a conservative temple, and I am still not used to this reform temple, even though we've been members for about 5 years already. Non-kosher food, guitar-playing on the bima, rabbi who drives to shul on shabbos ... it's all very new to me!


That looks like nutella. I bet it would be good with that.


I bet you're right. They did ask for nut-free baked goods for the bake sale, though, because of those ubiquitous nut allergies.

Generic Humanoid

I thought lace cookies were supposed to be "curled" over a rolling pin after being baked....or am I thinking of a different cookie?


Nope, that's a different cookie. You can't make a sandwich unless they're flat. (Compare the Pepperidge Farm "Brussels" to the "Pirouette.")

Charlestown Culinary

Perhaps we should plan a potluck. An all-dessert theme would be OK :)


Those sure bring back memories! I may need to make some this weekend...

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