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March 14, 2009



I like that it can read anything from the entire page to a single word. I think that my daughter would love this.


I like that you can play comprehensive games on it.


My son is in Kindergarten and is just starting to really enjoy learning how to read... sounds like this Tag Reader would give him the encouragement he needs...and gotta love the fact that there are no cartridges to lose! :)

Cheryl W

I learned that additional books can be purchased separately. Thanks!


I love the online aspect of this. I have Leapster fans here so they would probably love this.

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs)

I like that there are no cartridges and that it has comprehension games.

Lori Z.

I like that the pen stores a reader's information and that it can be updated online. I also like the amount of books that can be purchased to go with it. Thank you for the chance!


I like that it can be updated online! Great idea!


I love that the Learning Path allows you to see what your child is learning and how they are progressing based on the LeapFrog products they are using.


Karen C

I like you can update online how convienent


Greetings! I like how this reading system has the ability to read one word, one page or the whole book to a child. Also, it beeps when it is time to turn the page! Many thanks for a chance to win this for our two sons. Cindi

Brandy R

I like that it encourages independent reading. My boys will only sit with a book if I am reading it to them. I would love for them to enjoy books on their own also.


As it only has one user profile, it'll be perfect for our home with only one child!



My daughter, who loves to be read to, is just starting to read on her own and we've been looking for something to support and continue to encourage her! I really like that has a headphones jack so it can be easily used in the car. We take some long car trips and train rides and this would be a fabulous addition to our entertainment! I also think it's fabulous that it will hold 5 stories in the pen's memory at a time.

Thanks for the contest!


I have had my eye on this product for my 4 year old for a while now. While he loves for me to read to him, the independent nature and versatility of this product appear to be just what he needs to take the next step in reading on his own. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


What I like the most is that it tracks data so you can see information on how the child interacted with the book.


My oldest daughter is trying so hard to read. She spells constantly and is always asking "what does this say?" I want to nurture that as much as possible, but am sometimes distracted by my younger daughter as well. This toy would be AMAZING for her because she could work on her reading whether I am able to be right with her or not! Thanks for the amazing opportunity!


I learned that you need internet access. I think this would be a great tool in our efforts to teach my son to read. Thanks for the chance, [email protected]


I like that it makes learning fun!


I love how as a parent we can go online and see the progress our children is making. Cool.


We were thinking about getting this for our daughter for her birthday. Every time we go to a store where they have this on display she gravitates to it. Amazing since it is always in the middle of a great big toy section!
I didn't know until I saw your informational site that it could be updated on line. That's great!
Thanks for the contest.


I'm glad to know that in only holds 5 stories at a time. That knowledge will keep me from being in the car on a long roadtrip, unable to put a new book on it!

Victoria Hill

I think this devise would be a great addition to our Library (a real library for the town of Haskell, Ok - not a family library) Some parents just can't afford the cost of one of these "devices". Tracking only one kid's progress at a time might be a problem, but our librarian has other things set up on the computers the kids use so it might not be a big deal for her. I didn't know the reader wasn't rechargable, that will be a lot of batteries if this becomes popular. I also don't know how they will handle such a small memory as the reader has, only 5 books, not really that many. I think the reviewer is right, anything that encourages a child to read is great, personally I think it would be worth its weight in gold. It's worth a try anyway.

Victoria Hill
President - Friends of the Library, Haskell


One thing I learned that I like is that the pen has volume control and a headphone jack, which makes it appealing for long car rides. Too cool!


Enter me! :) i signed that pledge 2 for my oldest caleb.


I would love to have one of these for my grandson. We have been working on independent reading and this looks like the perfect thing to help him learn to read on his own. Thanks so much for the chance to win!


And the Random Number Generator says ... 15! Which means that Laura is the lucky winner. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who came by to enter this giveaway.

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