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March 19, 2009



My last couple of posts have been fill-in posts. Nothing more than a typical day in the household with running errands, housework and child rearing. Trying to figure out what can boost my stories.

Hope your family feels better soon!


I wouldn't be surprised if I speak for quite a lot of people, that reading even "mundane" day-to-day posts of lives being lived is interesting and sustaining. I know I enjoy it. Makes me realize that our lives are all similar in so many ways, and that there is joy (ultimately!), or at least contentment, with the mundane. Like, remembering back to when I didn't own a washer and dryer and what an ordeal laundry was then. To this day I really appreciate having a washer and dryer. (And that I didn't live in a time when you had to schlep everything down to the river to wash!) Also, my life is very different from my mom's who had a neighborhood of non-working woman friends who met regularly at each others' houses for coffee (or drinks) and chatted about the very things that we chat about here. This is OUR neighborhood. Just a little difficult to borrow a cup of sugar.

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