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March 24, 2009


Deb C

What do you use milk thistle for?


Bloglines has been not-updating the blog of one of my best and oldest and dearest friends (who I know in the REAL WORLD, but who lives on the mainland) and every few weeks I'll be all, Oh yeah, JANE! And have to go over and catch up on her business and I'm worried that her dad'll die or something and I won't be there with my supportive comments because BLOGLINES HAS LET ME DOWN!

Let me know if you fall in luuuuv with GR. I may make the switch.


I like that we share a birthday.


I still use bloglines, but also check manually at times too. Some feeds don't seem to work very reliably. If Pete can discover a cure, I will pay him lots of money!!


Wow. I just got back yesterday from one of the most famous spas in the world - The Ein Gedi spa on th edge of the Dead Sea. It boasts natural mineral water that comes hot out of the ground, smells like the worst things you can imagine, and blasts away any skin problems you might have had before you dipped in.

I recommend the experience if you are interested. I just wasn't too keen on the clientele there. Now I know that just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you; but the atmosphere there was kind of weird. Too much nudity, and too many people into viewing nudity. I did not give me a comfortable feeling.

After four showers and a fresh-water bath, the sulfur and magnesium smell still clings to my skin. O well.


I was there, a lifetime ago (1978)!


RE: #3 - You certainly deliver lots of straight lines to your kids. God bless 'em for knocking them out of the park.

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