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March 18, 2009



I am so jealous!


I think I've mentioned before that Peter Sagal is on the top of my celebrity crush list.


That's so funny that so many people involved with NPR went to your high school! Actually now that I say that, I remembered that a guy from my high school class is an associate producer on Studio 360.


I'm older than you think: that's my COLLEGE reunion, not high school! I went to college with every famous person under the sun: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2008/07/class-notes.html. Sigh.


Is that Doug "Not a Slave to Fashion" Berman '84? I am truly impressed.


Last week my friends and I (in sweden) were talking about my green errrings. We were talking in english as we do some times for fun and I said that I thought my earrings were quite "springy" and obvoiusly meant that I thoughyt they suited well in springtime. My collegues looked at me and said, "Anna, I think you meen springish, you can't say springy". I see here that you have used the word springy, what do you mean by it?

I like your blog!



I'm a word lover, so these are my favorite kinds of questions!

First of all, there is no such word as "springish" in any dictionary I checked, and I've never heard it used. Second, all of my dictionaries agree that "springy" doesn't really mean "having to do with the season of spring," although one hears it used that way all the time, as in "The weather doesn't feel very springy today" or, as in your example, "Those green earrings are nice and springy." It really just means "bouncy," as in "She walks with a springy step." The correct word for "having to do with spring" is "springlike," but I can't imagine anyone using that to describe anything but the weather. So I'm going to keep using "springy." ;-)

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