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March 26, 2009



Having done it three times, I would suggest that you have the BEST photographer that you can. You will be so SAD if you have bad pictures. I think that it is really worth spending a little more on the better photographer. Having cheaped out the third time, I realize that you get what you pay for.

That being said, we went over the top for the DJ for the first two, and for the third, we had a woman, who was amazing. The kids loved her and she was so inexpensive. I especially liked that she was a woman.

Just a few random thoughts,


Who are the three DJs you mentioned?


As you can probably imagine, this is so interesting to me (not being Jewish). What a very cool tradition to honor/celebrate the emergence of adolescence. Seems to me it would be a positive thing to honor in all religions/cultures to at least start these youngsters out feeling special about themselves. It's such a difficult period of life and to give kids an opportunity to shine in the spotlight just seems to me that it would be a major boost to their self-esteem. Plus, it also sounds like a whole lot of FUN!

Rachel Kagno

My sons are in Kindergarten and 3rd, so we have a while... but have been witnessing what other folks at my temple are going through. I gotta tell you- I'm more worried about the kids learning the Haftorah, etc. and have you heard about the "speech" the kids have to give nowadays? They have to write something that relates to the torah portion of their service. That's a big OY!


Have you seen the movie "Keeping up with the Steins?" Not a great film, but fun to watch. It centers around preparations for the kid's Bar Mitzvah.

The Titanic-themed Bar Mitzvah is priceless!


"Shamu is Jewish?"


Thank you for reminding me about the Torah stuff -- I meant to do a blog post about that part of it. Stay tuned!

For the record, at our very first meeting, the rabbi said, "Everything that goes on during the service is OUR job. Your child WILL be ready. That is not something you need to worry about." Steph starts her Torah tutoring in 2 weeks -- it's so early because they don't do it at all in the summertime. We had a meeting last Sunday about the "dvar Torah" (the "Torah talk").


Up until we booked the reception hall, whenever people asked me whether I'd "done anything" yet to prepare, I'd say, "Yes, we rented 'Keeping Up with the Steins'!" I reviewed it here: http://verbatim.blogs.com/verbatim/2008/01/movies.html


The title??? :-0


We have received many save-the-dates for bar/bat mitzvahs 1.5+ years in advance. The planning required for these events seems worse than a wedding! And you have to do it three times! Plus three weddings! Yikes!

Ruthe Karlin

Bravo to you. I've been to too many of those over-the-top affairs that are essentially meaningless. BTW, instead of flowers I've seen food baskets that are subsequently contributed to a local food pantry or shelter. It's a great idea.


Yes! We were talking about that. Steph's community service project involves a local organization that provides clothing and toys for needy kids, so I was thinking maybe we'd do centerpieces to tie that in, like a truck with a balloon, a doll with a balloon, etc., and then donate it all. I know a family that requested that guests bring canned goods to the reception, which were deposited in a big bin on the way in. After it was over, the family drove straight to a food pantry to deliver it all. Great idea indeed!


Maybe you need some of that Kosher Tequila I just read about!

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