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March 03, 2009



thanks to @hieronymus on twitter I found this posting...a very good description of why one would twitter. I am constantly finding myself, as 40+ guy, defending my usage of the latest social networking tools that are typically associated with the under 16 crowd. I appreciate your posting this so I can point those naysayers to some words that make sense.


I work in an office but because everyone's on their own projects, I usually go all day without conversing with anyone. Twitter is my outlet for that reason.

Also, Karen,(continued from an earlier Twitter round) I still think you owe red potatoes in soup an apology.

Ellen Kimball

Hi Karen,

You are a fine writer and I'm glad I found you on Twitter, which led me to your blog.

I have a 40-year-old daughter with two elementary school children here in the same Oregon city where we live. She is trying to do a home-based business while handling my grandkids. Boy, is she ever busy! Her business involves selling, so she has home meetings and outside parties, along with a ton of friends. However, I completely understand your situation with small children at home. All I can say is "This, too, will pass." My husband and I are into the "empty nest" phase of life, which has its pros and cons.

The whole Twitter phenomenon reminds me of chat rooms which became popular in the early 1990s through Usenet. Eventually, I got off of that because of the nature of the arguing. Also, some people began pursuing me. Some guessed that my ramblings were supposed to be seductive, but that was how THEY viewed it.

FYI, I've been married for 36 years to my Brockton-born husband, and will be 70 years old in May 2009. I have a ton of experience in radio, marketing, sales after working since I was 16 years old.

Thanks for reading.


Aaron Pressman

This is a most excellent distillation about the value of Twitter for we the work-at-home folks.

I somehow missed your earlier post on Facebook and I feel like you are either a. not a person needing a tool like Facebook (the same way you don't need a stethoscope to be a freelance copy editor) or b. not using Facebook quite right to get the most out of it -- if I may be so absurdly bold as to say such thing in a blog comment :).

As I wrote about a few months back, using Facebook as some kind of glorified high school/camp reunion is ok at best but not very important, kind of a waste of time. The real value of Facebook is to keep in better touch with people like close friends you don't see enough, former colleagues from work you miss seeing and relatives spread across the globe.

To get that unique and valuable benefit, though, you have to use Facebook that way. Don't friend all kinds of people, just the ones you have a continuing "connection" with. And then you have to participate, posting the occasional photo, link or whatever and commenting on your friends' stuff. Soon there's a virtuous circle going around, feeding off itself. And perhaps most valuable of all, I've found that all the Facebooking enhances subsequent get-togethers in the real world. Some people are calling it the creation of ambient intimacy.

More here: http://gravitationalpull.net/wp/?p=527

Virtual Vermonter

I'm still trying to get into Twittering. One of my other hats is satire (long form), and it would be a good way to blow off some short steam and possibly market that section of my "career" more effectively. Like everything else, I think I'm thinking more along the lines of how this can help me market my creativity, and probably missing the point entirely. :-)

Pushan Banerjee

Great post about Twitter. Can't help agree with you about Facebook. I have made way mnay more friends on Twitter, than I ever will on Facebook.


Now THAT makes some sense.


Actually I have gotten to know someone on Facebook that I didn't know before. A friend in Boca "fixed me up" with a friend of hers she said reminded her of me. We became fast Facebook friends.

Twitter just hasn't grabbed me yet...I think I set up an account but I don't Twitter. But then again, I'm always a few months behind you on this stuff!


I ended up on Twitter (I think) after reading your friend Mark's blog and finding your recipes there which led me to you and your blog. I since tried Twitter after seeing your many comments about it as well as hearing about it from friends on Facebook. I even got a "hi" from you there. But I was unable to respond! Could not figure it out. I also tried to subscribe to your RSS feed but have yet to see anything "happen" from that. I have NO IDEA what I'm doing. I'm all about e-mailing and have learned to IM. I have been in the chat rooms as one commenter mentioned. And I've been really into MySpace and now more recently Facebook, but Twitter? Every interesting thing you said in this post has gone completely over my head. I'm one of those people who needs to see things as they are explained, especially when it comes to something like Twitter where I'm already totally confused. Also, I tend to be long winded, and I think Twitter makes that somewhat challenging. I still want to learn it, but all those different places to access it? That just confused me further. I feel really old now :(

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