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March 30, 2009



My youngest brother's Torah portion was about the census. Try reducing *that* to a "Mrs. Schwartz" sentence. "Counting is important"?


Maybe "Leaders need to know how many -- and what kinds of -- people live in their community in order to better govern"?

I'll ask the rabbi next time and get back to you. If they can do it for animal sacrifices, they can do it for census. ;-)


Since we switched temples when Elena was in sixth grade, we ended up with "Metzora," the reading from Leviticus that no one wants (which is why the date is often available for latecomers). It's the one that explains the rituals for healing lepers, cleaning dwellings with an eruptive plague, and purifying persons with genital discharge. (Not exactly what I was expecting when I agreed to raise Jewish children...) But believe me, those rabbis can help a kid craft a Dvar Torah out of ANYTHING.


Regarding the census: How about "Everybody counts"?

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