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March 25, 2009



We've hearing the iPod talk at our house too. I sort of hoped peer pressure wouldn't kick in for a few more years! Those Legos look very cool though.


How aboout a cardboard box?

It was inducted to the "National Hall of Fame" a few years ago. http://www.strongmuseum.org/nthof/inductees.html


Glen Turpin

We gave Son #1 an iPod Shuffle for his 10th birthday last year. I had the same concerns, but he'd been asking for one for two years, and we caved.

We were pleasantly surprised that he uses it enough to have made it worthwhile. Most of his music comes from my library, though he has requested a few tracks that he's heard at school -- all of which I've declined to purchase because of explicit content.

His wish list for this year, which appeared on the fridge without prompting:
#1 Star Wars: Battle Front 2 for Xbox
#2 A Crepes & Crepes card
#3 Plane ticket to Europe
#4 Cell phone
#5 Membership at the local laser tag game

I feel the same way about his #4 that you do about the iPod for Pete. I'd love to give him #3, but unfortunately that's not going to happen any time soon.


I wouldn't necessarily discard the iPod idea. I was very resistant to having my daughter listen to pop music when she was about 9 (Britney Spears! Heaven forbid!). But she was also getting speech therapy, and as I recall, the therapist thought that listening to the songs & lyrics would really help her. Her problems were a bit different, though--more of the expressive/receptive vocabulary type, but I found it interesting. She didn't get an iPod until a number of years after that, though.


I'm investing in hearing aid stock today, as young kids and iPod headphones will equal deafness by age 30. At least in the old days of the Walkman, the person next to you could tell if you had the music cranked really loud. iPod headphones tend to be much more surreptitious.


We gave the girls (8 & 9) cheap MP3 players and they love them. I don't think a youngster needs an iPod. In fact, I ask the girls to call it an MP3 player not an iPod so folks don't think we're crazy. They don't use it much, but a few times and they have plenty of music ideas from hearing stuff in the car. A $20 SanDisk with 2gb of memory works great for them. And that way, *when* they lose/break it, it won't hurt much.


Karen, I'll be watching this thread closely. I have a 10 year old nephew, and I'm notoriously, infamously bad at buying him presents. However, he did really like his Christmas gift, a Guiness Book of World Records. They're big ol' hardback books now, not like when we were kids, with reflective rainbow covers outside, and all the manner of circus freaks within.


Maybe you can find the expensive stuff on e-bay for cheap.

I hate that Legos have taken all the imagination and creativity out of the building process by providing all the special pieces. We had two or three sizes, a 3"x 6" base or something...and had to work within that framework. I think there is a correlation there between our generations.

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