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April 01, 2009



I think that must be why Obama got her an iPOD, so she'd have something to carry in the purse. It's not like she needs credit cards, or a driver's license.


I've always assumed she carries a gun.


i love that you also enjoy the teeny tiny purse :)


Well, she's a teeny tiny queen. I saw another photo of the Obamas with her and the Royal Consort, and Phil and Liz both looked like dwarfs next to Michelle and Barack. I have to say, I am shallow enough to enjoy the stylishness of Mrs. Obama compared to just about every other world leader and world leader's spouse. She looks rockin' all the time, and after 20 years of dowdy First Ladies, it's such a nice change.


I'm not too proud to admit I'm addicted to www.mrs-o.org, which covers every detail of FLOTUS's wardrobe and itinerary with just the right combination of reverence and research. I am totally crazy about one outfit Mrs. O wore today: http://www.mrs-o.org/?p=4985. Whoo-ee!


I'm with you, I love that Queen Elizabeth II always has a purse with her. And I've become an even bigger fan of her because of her, apparently, spontaneous gesture of affection toward Mrs. Obama. I just love it!


Karen please tell Nancy I am in her debt now. Oy! Mrs. Brown! What are you thinking, by the way!?


@Wendy: I hope the Obamas' gift basket for the Browns included a pair of Spanx. If you follow my drift.


@Nancy: I follow, I follow. And you made me snort water on my keyboard, damn you.

Sarah B could do a lot more with her not-at-all-bad raw material, without becoming a clothes horse or anything. Gawdhelp'er, just sheer stockings (and Spanx) would work wonders. She looks like a novice at Fraeulein Maria's convent.


@Wendy: Um, ix-nay on the sheer stockings. Bare legs are OK, though.

Another day, another Michelle triumph. Who'd a thunk she could steal the spotlight from Mme. Sarkozy? http://www.mrs-o.org/?p=5033

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