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April 22, 2009



Happy Birthday! I am purposefully not looking at the list of books to find out what they're about because I always find something to put on my wish list, which is far too long by now. That, and I can't justify buying books unless they have something to do with classwork.


Happy Birthday Karen! Nice to see you well taken care of, especially with the Lynne Rossetto Kasper book - I am devoted to her radio show. Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday! Sounds like your day rocked!


That's the beauty of a family - they know when to shower attention on you, and when to give you alone time.


Happy Birthday! The Ishiguro novel I really liked -- but don't read it if you're feeling suicidal.

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Belated Happy Birthday! Judging from your post, your day was really wonderful right from the start :) It's really wonderful to have a family that cares for you and knows how to treat you well :)

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