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April 22, 2009



Ok, I am SO meeting my friend there for lunch next week so i can have the lobster mac and cheese!

happy birthday, welcome to the land of 47!


Told you you'd like the Mac & Cheese. Both times we've gone, we've ordered the basic version for our daughters... and I've ended up eating more of it than they do.

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, Karen! Sounds like you've had a great one!


Happy, happy birthday!


Wow- what a great birthday. You have such a thoughtful husband and family. I keep telling my husband that the best thing he can give me for a present is the "gift of time." i.e. send me out shopping for the day or let me sleep in, or whatever. But he just doesn't get it. What kind of yummy cake was that? Were those white chocolate shavings I saw? Pls don't tell me your husband made that for you... he bought it locally, right? :)


Lobster Mac & cheese - OMG - will have to maybe make it there this summer - that sounds SO YUMMY (even as I read it at 7:45am!) Glad you had a great birthday!


Happy Birthday, Karen! Sounds like you had a terrific day.

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