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April 02, 2009



My wife--"primary Karen"--makes the most wonderful slow-cooked pork for tacos. I don't know the exact recipe, but it looks very simple: Pork roast, some green chiles, a few other things, and voila. Delicious when we come home from work.


I love your recipes, Karen! Re: the food processor/blender dilemma... I got one of these a while ago and it is SUPER. A mini food processor for times when you just need to do herbs or garlic and such.


ps- Please excuse my poor grammar and word choices in this comment... I am SICK.


Do you think the honey contributes to the sweetness, or is it really just the cinnamon? I do NOT like savory foods that are sweet, but I do like carnitas-y sorts of foods.


It was most definitely the cinnamon - I could detect it in the scent. Plus, the chili paste itself had no noticeable sweetness.


You could definitely use the fp for that quantity, if your fp is normal sized that is. Mine is a 20+ year old Cuisinart "Basic" model, uses size DLC-10 blades, etc. I use it for similar recipes all the time. I have a blender but I should just give it away since it is really useless - I don't make smoothies or crush ice and I have a powerful stickblender for soups and sauces and such.
I also have a Cuisinart mini-prep for really tiny amounts like a handful of huts or herbs.I definitely use my regular fp more often than the mini.

Rachel Kagno

Pork tacos? Your rabbi would be proud. :)


I can't comment on the recipe, but the post title is fantastic.


I'm going to try this tomorrow night. Is there any shortcut for those chiles, in case I can't find them at the local supermarket?


Elena: I have no idea! I do know that they were NOT very strong, so any mild dried pepper would work. And if you can find only one kind but not the other, just double up.


I seem to spend half of my time trying to cook up (he he) excuses for roasting a pork butt. There is no cheaper, tastier piece of meat. If you haven't already, check out Sally Schneider's Close Roast Pork. Many of the same flavors as your dish but wihout the pureeing.

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