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April 11, 2009



I am also spacing out my hair appointments in the interest of frugality. But if you have this many important get-togethers coming up, maybe you want to let up on that a little just for the next couple of months & get the coloring done so that you're comfortable. (I'm too tired to figure out the math!)


Or you could just go in for a root touch-up prior to one or both of your events. Salons charge less for that (vs. full coverage).


Aha! That's a great idea. So maybe I'll get a full color job a week before the May event, and then just a root touch-up the week before the June event. Thanks!


suck it up and doe it a week before each event! You will be much happier. Trust me!


Yes, mostly I just get my roots done, not the full color. It's hard on the hair.


Or, you could throw on a bandana for the camp event, which would bring us all back to 7:30 am wake-up call, circa 1980.


I'm on the frugal side, too, and I also have curly hair. When I got it highlighted the other week, my stylist mentioned color-enhancing shampoos you can use maybe once a week to keep your color fresh. They actually have a little tint to them. So what if you got it colored in time for the May reunion, and then used the color enhancing shampoo each week until the camp reunion? Or maybe your stylist can do some kind of rinse (a less-expensive, not full-color rinse) as a refresh in mid-June?

It's definitely worth feeling - and looking - great! Just for yourself!

BTW, just started reading and am really enjoying your blog.


My advice is, color in May, and have the roots touched up in June.

Maureen Potter

Tomorrow I am going for my first 3 week colour. Started out q6weeks, then q4weeks and now it seems I need to go every three. My hair person says it's common for people to have to step up the frequency as the hair gets more gray. The plan is to just do a colour tomorrow and then get a cut every other time which will be q6weeks.

Its hurting my pocketbook but I'm too vain...and I already go to a stylist who works from her home and charges less than half the going rate. So still coming out ahead.

Just get it done! You'll feel better, I guarantee it.


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