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April 18, 2009



We've had that at our local Bank of America ATMs for some time now. I like it. But my husband--who used to work for a company that processes checks--says that all they're doing is passing along some of their work to the customer. So technically, the bank is saving money by having us scan our own checks. It would be nice if B of A would pass along those savings to us, don't you think?


Well, I appreciated not having to add up the sum of the 5 checks and entering that figure as my total deposit! Also, I didn't feel as though *I* was scanning the checks, and I like getting the scanned images on my receipt in case of discrepancy.


We've had those scanning ATMs here in the Bay Area for a couple of years. Of course, this is the proud ancestral home of BofA (née Bank of Italy)--even if those rogues at NationsBank did spirit our money away to North Carolina and blandify the beautiful old logo. It pains me still to see BofA called "Charlotte's largest bank." http://www.charlotteobserver.com/galleries/gallery/581442.html


I'm still resentful that B of A took over Fleet Bank.


And did you know that because you scanned those checks, the people who wrote them to you will be parting with their money faster than ever before? Instead of sitting in the ATM until they are picked up and processed manually, the information on the check was scanned and transmitted right then and there. If any of the checks you deposited were from other Bank of America customers, their accounts were likely debited on the spot. Customers of other banks were likely debited in a day. Float time is over, people! Welcome to the world of check electronification. (Yes, that is a real term even though it looks ridiculous.)

No, I don't work for B of A. :-) But I do work for a company that makes software for processing checks electronically.


I still can't believe how much our daily lives overlap. I'm pretty sure I saw you at Lincoln Street C. once, but I'm extremely unfriendly in real life and wouldn't say hello.

(I may be exaggerating a bit.)

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