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April 30, 2009



Since you asked, I think you've let an irrational fear get the best of you here. Not only that, but I'd bet that every restaurant kitchen, no matter the cuisine, is going to have plenty of Mexican workers. Sigh.


I was just about to ask which Mexican restaurant you were going to... but I just you're having Indian. :(


meant to say *guess* instead of *just*


I do think we need to be watchful. There are more cases everyday.


Which Mexican restaurant were you going to? I'm moving from Austin, TX to Newton soon, and I'm really hoping to find some decent Mexican food.


We bypassed a buffet in favor of a restaurant where (we hope) anyone handling food knows enough to wash their hands.



That just makes me sad.


I guess I would call it paranoid. Out of 8 billion people, there are less than 300 confirmed cases world wide.

In my state, they declared a state of emergency because out of 12 million people, there are 5 unconfirmed cases.

Just my $2*E-02. YMMV ;)


I recently had to do a story on two very fancy restaurants, one in Westerly, R.I., and the other in Mystic here in Connecticut. I met the chefs and was back in the kitchen as they prepared the dishes. The only non-Mexicans in both of the kitchens were my photographer, the chefs and me. It doesn't matter what kind of cuisine you choose. Odds are Mexicans are preparing it, even at that Indian restaurant. So maybe Purell a bit more, but have a burrito if you are in the mood.


I bet there aren't any Mexican people working in Chinese food kitchens! :) Seriously though, way overhyped. What about all the other folks that have the plain ole flu strain? There are so many more cases of those and no one seems to care! Sigh.

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