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May 04, 2009



I am also a dark chocolate fanatic, but I love it with nuts and I love it combined with raspberry or orange. Dark chocolate almond bark is my favorite. I'm not quite as anti-milk chocolate as you are. I keep a stash of Hershey bars (with almonds) in a kitchen drawer, just in case.


Karen I'm with you all the way on the chocolate thing. I like it as bitter as my shrunken heart.


I have nearly the same taste in chocolate that you do. I would rather not eat milk chocolate, except for M&Ms. Except I do like orange-flavored dark chocolate, and occasionally some dark chocolate with fruit in it, like dried currants.

And I have tried wine and chocolate: awesome together.


I'm with you on Mother's Day. When my daughter was little, I loved a nice picture created by her, or a little hand print. Now that she's grown, I'm happiest when I get to spend some time with her - and get a hug.

I like plain old dark chocolate and don't need stuff added but when it comes to lemon or orange, I LOVE citrus sorbet with dark chocolate sauce.


Twitter is awesome, isn't it?


Does Reece's peanut butter cups count. :)

My daughter is 3000 miles away but I always look forward to talking with her on the phone. Everyday is Mother's Day for me. She is a wonderful person. So proud of her.


I too actively despise milk chocolate. I love, love, love the dark version - especially when it's so dark it's chalky.

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