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May 03, 2009



Ah yes, smoked paprika has become a condiment in its own right at our house. I made an amazing potato and onion soup with a big helping of smoked paprika, and it tasted exactly like it had bacon in it, even though it was vegan. Also good on bagels with cc and in chili.


Mmm. Sounds awesome. This would be great for Harstine where we mostly grill (here at home, not so much—very noisy on the deck with constant traffic). I'll save this to my OneNote! (OneNote, if I hadn't mentioned before, is a Very Cool Microsoft application that acts like a virtual, well, notebook! I have a tabbed "section" for recipes. I use it all the time (it's part of the Office suite, and I use it more than Word or Excel!)


Did you see Y Tu Mama Tambien? Then you have seen Diego Luna.

I hadn't known the details of who shot Milk, so it still had plenty of drama and surprise for me. Great film.


You will be able to have your date nights anytime you want. :)
We watched August Rush. OH soooo good!!!


How sweet are the ribs? I don't like sweet savory foods, but these sound intriguing.


I am bastardizing this recipe as we speak (as I type?) so that I can make these in the crockpot, as befits my overwhelming laziness. Woo!


Sounds great! I bet this would work well for pork ribs, too.

I'm a huge fan of smoked paprika; it's great on grilled veggies with a little olive oil. Especially eggplant.

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