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May 17, 2009



This is great! You both did a wonderful job! I did something similar with my daughter when she was about Julie's age and I was also very nervous. I mostly saw the couple's shoulders in the video. At the end, I could see you hug Julie, but I couldn't see your heads at that point. Thanks for sharing this.


That was so sweet, Karen! What a lovely experience/memory for you both. :)


Couldn't hear the mess up at all. Camera was all over the place, but mostly on the shoulders. I'm watching through firefox, not google reader. Good for both of you for getting up there, i always sweated it out for concerts and hated the whole performance aspect. Now I teach spin classes in the early mornings and talk on a mic in front of classes of people. Go figure.


Aww, how wonderful. Nice job! I had the same viewing experience as Elena.


What a great video to have (and pretty nice Flip quality)! :)


Supremely adorable! You two should keep playing music together. It's so lovely! (When she gets a little more advanced, let me share some easy pieces my dad wrote for me & Bill to play together. Lullabies for each of my sons.)


Good ol' Schubert and his Lieder! You all did a swell job.


I love her perfect posture and form.

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