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May 31, 2009



I also loved this gem of a book. It was so sweet and well-written, and as a former waitress of a now-defunct restaurant on Cape Cod, I can also relate to the interpersonal dramas that exist between waitstaff, staff and kitchen. Oh, and the customers too.

Hope you are enjoying Angle of Repose, another one of my favorite writers. Another great read is Dad by William Wharton. The movie (old, with Ted Danson) sucked I thought, but the book is so rich and wonderful with description and feeling, I think you'd really enjoy it.

How about a blog with all your readers listing their summer reading wish lists? You've got great taste and so do your readers...


Can't wait to read it! I'm going to recommend this to my book group, especially since it has that local flavor for us here in Connecticut.


I loved that book!! I read it well over a year ago and still can pull up scenes & the mood from the book.

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