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May 12, 2009



I do not know but I do know that IBM keypunch pads are like phones not computers and it was a BIG problem when we moved the data entry people to new technology. I'm aging myself I know. :-)


I remember asking this question long ago when I first learned how to 10-key, and I recall the answer having to do with a patent. Whether that's true, I'm not sure!


And our credit card machine at work. It drive me crazy!


I've never understood why the 0 is after the 9 on phones, instead of before the 1.


I found this an interesting question, so i responded on my blog!


I knew I could count on you! :-) I still wonder why ATM manufacturers chose to copy telephone keypads instead of adding machines -- maybe because people are inputting passwords that are likely to have letters as well as numbers. (See James' post here: http://www.drmomentum.com/aces/archives/003733.html)


I always thought the 0 on phones came after the 9 because it really stood for 10. That seems dumb now that I've put that into words!

Daisy OK

These conflicting designs make it tough for people with visual impairments.

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