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May 14, 2009



*Snicker*...and THEN there's the whole Notre Dame/Catholic Church debacle. I loved Grace Davis' response to this on Facebook:

"Attention Catholic bishops against President Obama speaking at Notre Dame: When your priests stop molesting kids and you stop protecting them, you may have the public's sympathy. In the meantime, your protests? NOT CREDIBLE. Also, you had pro-death penalty Bush and Reagan speak at the university. So much for your "pro-life" stance. Bottom line - Catholic Church: EPIC FAILURE"

The Missus

ASU is a crap school. But then, I went to the University of Arizona... Their rival school. So I am biased.


Bottom line: Obama has class, and they don't.


Tonya -- as a practicing Catholic, it's quite disturbing for me to see the faith of a billion people belittled as an "epic failure" because of the actions of some of our priests. I often hear people insisting, quite rightly, that it is unfair and intolerant to demonize Islam because of the actions of a small number of Islamic extremists. I wish the same charity and understanding could be extended toward the Church, whose social teaching is in agreement with many (although certainly not all) of President Obama's policies.


Kristina, I won't presume to speak for Tonya, but I think what she was getting at was that the "higher-ups" in the Catholic Church knew about many of the sexual molestation and rape cases but chose to protect their priests instead of the young boys who were the victims. So yes, the priests were definitely the perpetrators of the crimes, but the bishops etc. did nothing even when they knew that certain priests were repeat offenders.

Matt M.

At least he didn't get his honorary degree from the University of Phoenix


President Obama and the First Lady never cease to amaze me with their intelligence, sophistication, and wit. I'm sure that there are some writers in the West Wing who are providing the words, but they couldn't do it for just anyone....


I am also a practicing Catholic, and I have to say that I agree with Tonya. (Tonya is OK, by the way!) I was even more dismayed to hear that some bishops wanted to consider a Catholic vote for Obama as a "sin" that required confession! I think they have really gone too far, and so much of the Church hierarchy's moral authority has been undermined by their mishandling of the pedophile priest issue. Did you happen to see the article in yesterday's NY Times about former Milwaukee archbishop Weakland?



I so enjoyed watching President Obama "tweak" President Crow and the ASU administration during his commencement address.

* BTW, Arizona recognized MLK day as a paid holiday in 1993, New Hampshire in 1999, and South Carolina in 2000.

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