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June 01, 2009



I've started IJ twice but couldn't finish it. I'm usually like a pitbull with books I start. My jaws won't let go until I've finished. Don't know what it is about this one that allows me to give up so easiy. Let me know how it goes.


I'm in for "Infinite Jest"! Let the games begin.


I am ordering some cookbooks from his publisher and I have added his book to 'my list' of things I want. I don't know if I will have time to read it, but I would like to try. I too am fascinated by him and since he is my type, i think he was rather lovely as well.
I'm always drawn to the dark horse.


I'm planning to sign up for Infinite Summer; I've ordered the book and have been reading a library copy while I wait. Rather than read it for plot, the way I usually do, I'm taking it one set-piece at a time. A friend who's been through recovery programs says Wallace's description is the most accurate he's ever read.

I've admired Wallace for years. "A Supposedly Fun Thing..." had me weeping with laughter. And there's a witty animation of his essay "Consider the Lobster" here: http://www.vidlit.com/lobster

I wrote an appreciation of Wallace shortly after his death: http://is.gd/LUXG


I've requested the books from the library and I'll give it a shot.


It's said that there are no coincidences...

I picked up Consider the Lobster from the sale table at B&N after hearing an NPR story about author photos. The photographer who took DFW's photo was interviewed. I enjoyed his essays very much.

I then picked up Infinite Jest, which I started a couple of weeks ago but have put down (I had to finish my book-club book). It now sits.. make that looms on my nightstand.

This is the perfect catalyst to get me to pick it up again. I liked what I had read so far.

So yes, I am totally in!


I have never read him. Thought about it, but just never got around to it.


I think I'll give it a try.


I felt curious enough to go poking around on sites about him and listened to him speak, but I don't know that I'm in for an over 1000 page book. I'll have to see if I can read excerpts of it on-line; if it draws me in(and my library has a copy of it) I may give it a try.


I'm really excited. I've been jonesing for a big juicy book. Reading IJ will have the unfortunate side effect of causing the accumulation of large piles of unread New Yorker magazines all over my house, but I think it's worth it.


I'm in, AND I ordered the book through your Amazon link. Maybe you'll turn a profit through this adventure! Seriously, I'm looking forward to it. A bit nervous about the endnotes, though. The footnotes in "Supposedly Fun Thing" were challenging enough, although amusing.

Clara Rehkopf

The worst part of reading IJ is that there is no one you can talk to about the book. I have read 300 pages now and 100+ footnotes and am mesmerized by, not only the encyclopedic wit, but the prose style that mirrors characterization and sounds like the inside of the head of genius before it blows up in a microwave.

Try giggling while you try to explain to a wide-eyed horrified person who formerly took you seriously the line "Something smelled delicious!"

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