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June 03, 2009



Do you get to pick what you want in the grocery bag, or do they give you a bag that's already filled? (Oh, and congrats!)


That sounds yummy--I love those blue corn chips with salsa and a couple of Way More chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Dinner perhaps?


I love all that stuff! Enough to survive at least another weekend. Wow!


Very cool! (I just love their stuff! And their 2-buck Chuck!)

Lori Z.

I'm so jealous! And my gramma in SF has walked to her Tjs everyday for what is practically forever and entered every time and never won, either.


You win everything. You should play the lottery.

PS It took me a year to get through Angle of Respose, and now I have Crossing to Safety on my plate because I promised my sister-in-law who loved it.


What a fantastic win! I love Trader Joe's!


That IS funny. Until now, I have never heard of anyone who had heard of anyone that has won. I think they should post a list of the winners.

I shop at TJs A LOT!

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