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July 16, 2009



Damn. I've had those service outing, too. They are so depressing. On the other hand, arent' we lucky that we can afford to buy a little automotive safety, and aren't driving around in an 1983 Sentra or something?


Man, I hope the service guys have a good vacation on servicing your car. Eegads. I would have passed out.


That adds up to a LOT of money. I don't even want to do the math!! That's always when I bail and buy something new--which I'm resisting right now because my car is paid off and I like that. Also it's an SUV which wouldn't get much trade in and we really need it at times. (like moving college daughter back and forth)

Lori Z.

I'm in the same boat! They just told me that I was going to have to do the timing belt thing too. And the guy points it out and it looks like something I can do myself since it's right on the outside of the motor, but I have zero knowledge of cars, so I declined to try.

My husband's car was going to be $2000 to maybe fix all the problems and we just opted for the cash for clunkers program and got a new Element for the Durango. While I'm excited about a new car, I'm still reeling over the cost of mine and all I can think is: what is this going to cost me a few years from now?


As I mentioned on Twitter I would highly recommend doing the timing belt. I missed doing mine and was fine for a while but it did snapon me while passing a semi on the highway at 70 mph. Nothing like losing power on a busy highway having to be towed and then having to have a valve job done on top of the belt. Ended up costing me over $4000 instead of the $1200 or so for just the belt. As painfull as it is to do the belt change I won't make that mistake again.


The timing belt goes after 7 years? Jeesh. That's crazy. CRAZY!


Whenever a dealership gives me the laundry list of repairs, my husband goes apeshit. He knows a lot about cars, and he knows that a LOT of it is a bunch of hooey. I just hate it, because I DON'T know a lot about cars, nor do I want to! But I know I get taken to the cleaners because of that ignorance. That all said, I would recommend the timing belt. Mine blew on a freeway in my Subaru years ago and it was a nightmare. Ruined all KINDS of things under my hood, plus absolutely DYING on the freeway and completely losing power steering is so NOT a good thing.


You need to bring it to the Fuquay Varina Goodyear. They are famous for telling you that it's really only going to cost about 25% of what the other guys tried to "sell" you. I went there thinking I needed new tires and the guy said, "Honestly, you can get another 10,000 miles or so on these. I wouldn't change them."

Well, now I (and everyone I have the opportunity to tell) go there for everything.

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