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July 14, 2009



One lovely July day a few years ago I went grocery shopping and bought lots of sale meat, one of which was a 5 lb pack of hamburger. I was sure the kids had brought in all the groceries, but it wasn't until a couple of days later that I realized that the hamburger had somehow slid out of a bag under my back seat. My sympathies.

Liz Price

Shudder! It's enough to send anyone to McLeans. We're still talking about the bat story here.


Ugh Ugh Ugh ...is right! That would have freaked me out completely. The "For Sale" sign would have been on my front lawn in no time at all. :)


Ok, a bat and a mouse in the same month. You have paid your dues!


I can sympathize with you. We came home a few years ago to TWO rodents stuck on the sticky paper - still moving! SO gross and I had to go to my very strong young neighbor to move it. NO one in my house would touch the paper including me!

You have had a month that is for sure!


We had exactly the same thing happen to us a few years ago - a mouse stuck in a trap! And, like you, I had *no* idea what to do with it. I forget he final result, but it was something like what you Andy did - scoop it up somehow and trash it.


We had to trade in our old Ford Explorer when we traced the progressively worsening smell to an unzipped ziploc bag of trail mix from our 12 hour car trip when we moved from Florida to North Carolina TWELVE MONTHS BEFORE!!!


A mouse? I'd kiss a mouse after our second RAT invasion. Rats the size of shoe boxes with fire-hose tails and bladder control problems.

The final solution was thanks to nature herself: a giant rat snake moved into our crawl space. I'd kiss the snake, too.

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