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July 17, 2009



I so agree with you! Both of my daughters found interesting stuff to do when they were bored that led to great accomplishments with art and crafts (Ashley) and piano (Alison). It's important to allow children time to "putter."

Rachel Kagno

Amen! Down time for kids is a wonderful thing. My kids will have their own "week of nothing" coming up soon in between camp and vacation and we can't wait. Kudos to you Karen for NOT being one of those parents who has to have something structured/entertaining for her kids to do every minute of every day!


Cliff and I vacationed with his mother and her older sister Judy these last two weeks. Thus, I was regaled with stories of their youth - which I loved hearing. One of their family's traditions was "anything-you-want-for-dinner" sundays (because mother did NOT want to cook. Apparently, this meant a lot of ice cream.

50+ years later, these gals remember those nights as one of the best family traditions they know.

As much as I try not to, I get more and more sentimental about my hopes for my childrens' lives (should I ever be so blessed). I thought about you while on our cruise when I saw a family with their three children (boys) dressed in their little blue sports coats and grey slacks (the cruise required formal dress most nights): the parents were attentive and the children talkative and excited; and on their best behavior. Those kids were making memories that will inform the rest of their lives.

Talk about a Mitzvah.

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