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July 13, 2009



Karen, Karen, you need to guard against alienating your audience.

Signed: Wendy (aka 50-Foot Woman aka Ginormica)


Sorry! Some of my favorite people are really tall. :-)

This actress freaked me out because she was a head taller than everyone else, including the actress who was playing her sister.


Janet McTeer was in this great Masterpiece Theater movie in the late 1980s, called "Precious Bane," based on a lovely book of the same name by Mary West. I really like her.


Is she British? If so, she sure put on a respectable American accent in "Songcatcher." She wasn't horrible in this, but I kept noticing that she seemed a little too wide-eyed in her reaction shots. There was just nothing compelling about her performance -- anyone could have done it.

Ellen Kimball

Hi Karen,

I haven't seen this website. Thanks for tweeting it. Linking to it on my blog.


Warm regards,


Ellen Kimball

Emmy Rossum played the female lead in the movie "Phantom of the Opera." I thought she was a beautiful young actress who did an excellent job, but most movie reviewers didn't care for her singing at all.

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