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July 07, 2009



Here's an interesting story about someone else's expensive experience at Teavana!



I just left a comment on that blog to say that I was offered lots of extra items, but I declined them all. I bought only the minimum amount of tea in a little paper bag.


I love the tea, but in Chestnut Hill the salesperson required me to purchase a tin ($). That sounds against consumer rights. The one at the North Shore Mall lets you purchase tea in a free bag!


They can't make you buy a tin -- I was at Chestnut Hill, and they asked me if I wanted a tin, but I said no, so I got it in a bag.

Liz Price

Massachusetts is a great state...compared to say Kentucky (where a friend lives) we are in a great place. No tax on clothes (up to $175 per item - then it's on the amount over that.) The idea is that one needs clothes more than, say an iphone...


I know, believe me, and really I do think it's a great state, but this was galling! The Apple Store dude told that only Mass. and perhaps one other state pull that kind of trick. I mean, really, I didn't spend $600, so why I should I have to pay the sales tax on that amount??


Can I mention how much fun I am having with the compass? I know, I am a complete dork. But I know which way I am headed!

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