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July 05, 2009



Things like the Mrs. Howell thing happen to me all the time. A few weeks ago, after living in NC for the better part of ten years, I learned that we had a Slim Jim factory here. A few days later it was all over the news, having blown up in an industrial accident. That's kind of a bad one for an example, but the most recent and the only one I could think of right now.

I think it's because I am an inveterate reader of our rapidly dwindling newspaper and just a huge reader in genera.


Regarding #2: A star fall, a phone call, it joins all.

Ellen Kimball

Hi Karen. Re: #4 Based on your experience and those of others, we've decided NOT to upgrade to Firefox 3.5 at this time. That's after fighting so Microsoft would not upgrade IE to 8.0, which it tells me it wants to do practically ever day. However, I am not using IE because it stalls every time I try to open it.

So much for sleeping with the 75 year old IT guy, my husband of 36 years. It is useful, but about every two days, he takes over my computer and makes "a few adjustments." It's all voodooo to me, so today I'm going for a walk when he gets started.

Ellen Kimball

#4 Losing one's work. I composed a couple of what I thought were beautiful and calming paragraphs to @rondmc in the compose screen of his blog. He recently had to face euthanizing his beloved Akita dog, Ogami, prior to the birth of @rondmc's third child.

I made the mistake of walking away from the computer without sending or saving the copy to my word processor (which I usually do).

Came back to the darned machine and the whole thing was mysteriously gone. My fault. I didn't save my work.

Some days I want my typewriter back.


I am WAY behind on my IJ assigned page count. I fell into another book (The Glass of Time by Michael Cox, a sequel to The Meaning of Night) and am only now picking IJ up again.

Last night, I turned the light out just as I passed page 87. I will try to catch up tonight!


The cramping sounds unpleasant, but still: pancakes sound awwwwwfully tempting right now.

Robert Shumake

Just wanted to say that I read your blog quite frequently and I'm always amazed at some of the stuff people post here. But keep up the good work, it's always interesting.
See ya,

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