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August 29, 2009



Good news!!

Rachel K.

Wow Newton starts after Labor Day? We start this Tuesday (Holliston) and I'm lovin' it. For two full time working parents, it's a dream come true, as we always seem to scramble for camp or child care toward the end of the summer. Yes, I really love this season too...my youngest son asked me the other day, "Mommy, can I start my Hanukkah list?" I think he's all set with summer being over too. :)


I'm glad that Steph is on the same team as some of her friends. It can be hard to maintain those middle school friendships when they are on separate teams. (


Oops. That was not a weird emoticon at the end of my previous comment. I was going to write more, then deleted everything except the beginning parenthesis!


Ugh. Teams. Yet another way that schools rob kids of opportunities to be self-sufficient. I went to regular junior high and then starting with my brother's seventh grade year, they changed it to middle school and started the whole team deal. I can't understand what purpose it serves, other than to "smooth the transition" from elementary school, but it seems like it takes away some of the challenges I think are necessary for kids to experience. I feel that 12/13 is an age at which we need to allow things to get a little tougher for kids so they can learn about independence and responsibility.

This is a huge irritation for me (sort of like that inventive spelling junk that was popular 10-15 years ago), so I apologize in advance if you are totally in love with your middle school's system. Maybe it is set up much better than what my siblings have experienced.


I never really thought about it! When I was in Middle School, we were all mixed in together. I think the point of teams, at least in our school system now, is so that the teachers for each team have all the same kids and can meet to talk about problems or strategies.

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