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August 17, 2009



I didn't go either though I was 17 not 7. I can just imagine what my parents would have said had I suggested going. :-) But I love the movie and also feel very attached to that whole era.


I was 15 and I drove down with 2 friends. We parked miles away from the site and eventually drove back to Montreal having seen nothing. Bummer.


I did go, and I was 17. I went with my next door neighbor and his college friends (I had just graduated high school), and it was a wonderful experience that I mostly don't remember. Let's just say that I was unable to say "No" to drugs, much to Nancy Reagan's chagrin. My neighbor was a way cool guy who turned out to be a HUGE philanthropist and supporter of PBS through his family's foundation. I've never really changed much from that idealistic 17 year old that believed in saving the world. I'm still a believer in communal living, in a village raising a child, and in loving one another. What's so wrong about peace love and understanding, anyways?

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